Serious about sustainability, all Ecoglo products (except the Hybrid sign*) utilise ambient light and therefore require no electricity, lamps, or batteries, need only minimal maintenance, and can be readily recycled, making them extremely cost effective building solutions. The solutions are failsafe, operate immediately and will last the life of a building.
These products are warranted for 30 years when installed indoors, and 15 years when installed outdoors. Using no lamps or batteries and being recyclable means there are no issues with disposal of toxic or dangerous components, and no impact to landfills.
100 electrical battery backup signs, over a period of 30 years, will create over 100 kg of discarded batteries and over 1 tonne of discarded exit signs!
*The Ecoglo Hybrid PL exit sign is an LED/Photoluminescent exit sign designed from the ground up to be more energy efficient, reliable, and long lasting than any other electrical exit sign in the market.
The sign has no batteries, uses minimal power, and requires minimal maintenance. It comes with a 15 year comprehensive warranty.

Why Ecoglo?

Ecoglo signs can be used to meet NCC 2019 Specification E4.8 or can be used in Performance Solutions, while Ecoglo markers are designed to meet EP4.1 Visibility in an Emergency.

To provide Ecoglo’s renowned durability, our patented manufacturing process involves High Temperature Curing (HTC) technology to integrally bond the active ingredients into an aluminium substrate. The products have passed internationally accredited tests for durability, UV resistance, weather resistance, flammability, toxicity and radioactivity.

To achieve the greatest luminosity possible, Ecoglo products incorporate a Purpose Designed Polymer (PDP), customised specially for the demanding requirements of the Australian and New Zealand building codes.

Only Ecoglo uses HTC and PDP, and only Ecoglo offers a 30 year warranty.

The environmental cost, as well as the financial cost, of anything else is huge.


More information about HTC and PDP can be found here.