Product Durability

Ecoglo products have been subjected to 1000 hours of independent accelerated weathering (UV) as per ASTM G 155-2004 Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Light Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials, in accordance with the only building code that specifies a test for photoluminescent markings to confirm long-term stability, suitable for outdoor use: New York City building code, Reference Standard 6.1.

The independent test results confirm that Ecoglo products meet the requirements which are that the products have less than 10% reduction in luminance after exposure.

Ecoglo in-house testing has also been carried out on Ecoglo material following 6000 hours exposure in accordance with ASTM G 155. This resulted in only a 5%-8% reduction in luminance after exposure.

Furthermore, Ecoglo in-house testing has been carried out on Ecoglo products removed from long-term outdoor use. This has resulted in a flat-line trend, i.e., no change in luminance after exposure.

The conclusion to be drawn from this is that Ecoglo products are very stable to long term outdoor use and can be expected to remain visible for at least 15 years outdoors before there would be any measurable change in performance.

Indoors, where UV is usually negligible, Ecoglo products can be expected to remain visible for much longer, and it would not be unreasonable to expect this to be a minimum of 30 years.