Ecoglo Manufacturing Process

HTC (High Temperature Curing)

The patented manufacturing process used to make Ecoglo’s products is known as High Temperature Curing or HTC.

HTC involves the precisely controlled application of a powder mix of customised photoluminescent pigments and customised carriers (referred to as Purpose Designed Polymer or PDP) onto an aluminium base.

The polymer mix and aluminium base pass through a bespoke oven to be baked at temperatures above 160°C. This high temperature curing process integrally bonds the polymer mix to the aluminium, eliminating the possibility of peeling, shrinkage or delamination. It also provides permanent protection of the photoluminescent pigments from degradation due to moisture or weathering.

These performance properties cannot be guaranteed for photoluminescent PVC products or tapes, or liquid applied products.

HTC products won’t suffer from shrinkage, delamination or discolouring and are therefore more durable delivering higher and more reliable luminance and visibility.