E4.8 Exit Signs

Ecoglo’s Emergency Exit Signs are manufactured and tested to comply with E4.8 Design and Operation of Exit Signs and EP4.2 Performance Solutions.

Ecoglo’s high visibility and durability ensure that the signs can be installed in any environment, indoors or outdoors. As long as there is sufficient natural or artificial light to charge the signs then a Performance Solution can be engineered to meet NCC performance specifications.

Ecoglo manufactures two grades of photoluminescent sign material with different levels of brightness to meet different performance specifications. All reference to Ecoglo signs on this website means Ecoglo S20 grade photoluminescent signs. S20 grade signs meet both Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) Provisions of NCC Specification E4.8 and can be used in Performance Solutions to meet NCC EP4.2.

Hybrid PL Exit Signs

Cost-effective, sustainable and fail-safe, Ecoglo Hybrid PL Exit Signs are effective in all lighting scenarios, but are particularly suitable in situations where there is insufficient light to charge standard photoluminescent signs.
Requiring no batteries, the hybrid sign is an internally illuminated photoluminescent exit sign which incorporates both photoluminescent material and next-generation LEDs. Connecting to the local lighting circuit, the LEDs ensure there is always sufficient light to keep the sign charged.

BR2 Architectural Series

Architectural Exit Signs – BR2-S20
Cost-effective, sustainable and fail-safe, Ecoglo BR2-S20 exit signs offer all the features of the standard exit signs but are finished in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design to complement any interior space.

Red List Free Exit Signs – BR2-LBC
Ecoglo BR2-LBC exit signs are the same in appearance as BR2-S20 signs and offer all the same benefits. The BR2-LBC signs, however, differ in that they have no ‘Red List’ ingredients and so are Living Building Challenge (LBC) compliant.
Ecoglo BR2-LBC exit signs are currently the only exit signs on the Declare website – see link below:

PLC Exit Sign Standards
Established in 2015, the Photoluminescent Lighting Council (PLC) is the peak industry organisation for the emergency visibility industry in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region, and has an associate relationship with the Photoluminescent Safety Association in USA. The aim of the PLC is to further understanding and use of photoluminescent products and solutions.

In early 2018, the PLC board of directors approved Photoluminescent Council Standards – PLCS 101, Parts A, B and C relating to Photoluminescent Exit Signs.

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E4 Visibility in an Emergency

The products below are designed to ensure evacuation routes have sufficient visibility in an emergency for compliance with NCC 2019 EP4.1.

The products will be effective in all light conditions including during failure of the main lighting at which point Ecoglo photoluminescent products remain luminous and therefore clearly visible, meeting the requirements of EP4.1.

All products have been independently tested in accordance with UL1994 for 10 metre visibility to ensure compliance with EP4.1.

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Stadium and Venue Markers

Ecoglo’s highly visible seat numbers guide your customers to their seats. Working equally well in light, dark and dim conditions they reduce the disruption to other customers, increase the efficiency of ushers and make it easier for a customer to go to the concessions or other facilities.

The photoluminescent seat number is designed to be visible for the length of a performance (concert, movies, etc) to enhance the orderly movement of people to and from their seats.

The basic design consists of black text on glowing background with custom layouts also available.

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