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Ecoglo is continually developing its range of signs and products to meet E4.8 and EP4.1 of the NCC as we endeavour to design and manufacture quality products which are not only cost-effective and sustainable, but which are also aesthetically appealing.

The sleek design of our exit signs and emergency visibility products allows them to be highly effective without being obtrusive.

A recent addition to our range is the next generation Ecoglo Hybrid PL exit sign which is suitable for situations where there is insufficient light to charge standard PL signs.

Also popular is Ecoglo’s BR2 Architectural Series of mounted exit signs which have been designed to complement any interior space. Included in this series are BR2-S20 exit signs which offer all the features of the standard exit signs but are finished in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design, and the BR2-LBC exit signs. The same in appearance as BR2-S20 signs, BR2-LBC signs are Living Building Challenge (LBC) compliant exit signs. They are ‘Red List Free’ meaning they contain no substances listed as toxic by the Living Future Institute. The Ecoglo BR2-LBC exit sign is currently the only exit sign to make it onto the prestigious Declare database. See link below:

Product data sheets for the Hybrid Exit Sign and BR2 Architectural Series can be found under PRODUCTS>Exit Signs on this website.

For information about compliance of Ecoglo products with NCC see the TECHNICAL section of this website.

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